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Felipe - One of the founders of LISA

Hanging Out With Felipe,

One of the founders of LISA.


Felipe Steiner is a close friend of +351's and you may have seen him on our social media. Owner of an unmatchable charisma, he brings with him many adventures especially in the music scene. Through these adventures he ventured into his first project in Lisbon; the well-known bar VAGO, known for its excellent musical curatorship along with good drinks and food. In his first interview with us many projects were yet to emerge amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic. It is now the first time we re-interview someone and the result could not have been better!

Find out everything that has changed in Felipe's life and the news he shared with us!

What's changed since the last time we spoke?

Absolutely everything. The last time we spoke was in between lockdowns during the pandemic and we were nervously building out VAGO, which seemed extremely risky at the time. Now it's been over a year since Vago opened and the incredible reception that we have received from both the music scene and the general public has been almost hard to believe at certain times. So much that it has motivated us to embark on a new adventure.

Next steps for you?

The next step is the opening of a live music venue, a sort of jazz club if you will, called LISA. It's essentially a sister venue to VAGO, as it's literally next door, in which we hope to explore the sides of music programming and sharing of music that because of different reasons we cannot do consistently in VAGO and wish we could do more of.

Best spot in Portugal?

Actually, reading over the answers in the last conversation we had, they really remain the same. The Costa Vicentina, which I have been lucky enough to visit extensively in the past year, has to be one of the most impressive natural settings in Europe. This year I am looking forward to visiting the islands, both Madeira and the Azores, as well as the Serra de Estrela which I know has some world class hiking and rock climbing, aside from its well-known rivers and waterfalls.

Has your style changed at all?

I don't think so. Now that I work a lot at night in the service industry I certainly wear more black t-shirts, but I don't think it has changed so drastically. As I try to spend more time outdoors during the day as a conscious way to contrast my life at night, I certainly have been looking more into technical clothing and gear, which has been fun to get into, but I wouldn't say it has affected my style, perhaps widened the ranges to choose from.     

 Where do you find inspiration?

Absolutely everywhere, from famous architects, musicians or rogue athletes, but I do have to give credit to my friends who I always have nice chats with. I'm lucky to collaborate with people like Constança Entrudo, Rebecca Girardi or Matteo Baldarelli from SUPERBA. They know their shit.

What motivated you to get started with your next project?

It's true that "necessity is the mother of all invention." We tried hosting concerts in VAGO and realized it was better to have a dedicated space just for this. Also, we were lacking lots of storage space there, so LISA is our way of hitting two birds with the same stone.

Have you found a new guilty pleasure?

Yes but I can't really put it in writing.

Photography by Ana Laura Coelho


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