Hanging out with Arnaud from Labó

Hanging out with Arnaud from Labó

Hanging out with Arnaud Juanola

founder of Labó.


We caught up with Arnaud from Labó, the coolest hairdresser to open up shop in Santos, and talked about his background, what he masters, and what puts him in a good vibe to work.

Can you tell us your story and why you started Labó?

I'm from Leon, France. I left France when I finished high school, moved to California to spend some time there, working and learning English, and at some point, I decided to come back to France and learn a job that I could do anywhere. Hair had been on my mind for a long time, so I returned to learn about hair. I trained in Bordeaux, and I learned a lot. When I knew enough to be comfortable with it, I went abroad to keep evolving. That's when I came to Portugal. I liked the lifestyle in California, so I wanted something similar. It's obviously different because we're in Europe, but I like Lisbon and its lifestyle. When I moved here, I worked in two hair saloons, and after two years here, I decided to open my shop. I wanted to create something very simple and minimalist, and I chose the name Labó because it sounds like Lab in every language.

What do you master?

I like to do short hair on women and men; I like to do creative shapes. I think I'm good at adapting to everybody's requests and know how to cut hair. What I like the most are shortcuts on women, which can be a bob or even shorter. I love to bring femininity to shortcuts, and I also like to do long hair on men. It's not that easy to create a masculine shape. But I always listen to my clients and do my best. I also have a 5€ discount for those under 25 years old, and 10€ for those under 15 years old.

Best spot in Portugal?

I love to go to Caparica, and I love the beaches around Lisbon. I still need to go to many of them, and I still need to visit the beaches around Sintra. Last Sunday, for example, I went to Caparica in the evening, brought cider, and saw the sunset.

What does style mean to you?

I love aesthetics. You have it in hair, interior design, and fashion, and I like all these different universes. It's very important for me to bring style into detail. For example, the shop doesn't have a lot of things, but I made sure to be coherent in my purchases. When I buy, I don't care about prices or brand. I care about the identity, to have something that leans into Feng shui.

What artist inspires you?

I love music, hip-hop, and rap from the US, UK, and France, so when I opened the shop, It was important for me to have this kind of music and to find a balance between them. I like to put Reggie Snow in the morning and Loyle Corner. They have beautiful voices. It's soft music that brings good energy to the shop.

Photography by João Hasselberg.


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