The Tagus river is full of life, and we want people to get to know the curious, lesser-known and almost magical creatures that inhabit our water- seahorses. They are in trouble and require urgent assessments of their population and extinction risk and we are here to help. We have partner with Sea the Future and created a collab t-shirt directly to support this project. The Tagus Seahorses project works to understand and protect this population of seahorses through comprehensive scientific studies in the area and through community outreach programs. Help us save the Sea Horses!


Bruno Reis Santos, also known as Mantraste, born in 1988, is a Portuguese illustrator, graphic designer, and author. He grew up in nature and is a lover of popular mysticism who sees his work as a way of reflecting on himself and others. Inspired by the idyllic paradise, he expresses the irony of a perfect world with drawings and popular symbols that lead us to reconnect with nature and with our most basic feelings: love, connections, and the established. This collection features "new lifecycle" pieces that have been re-dyed to combat discarding excess pieces.

+351 X BOOM

We partnered with Boom Festival, an extraordinary blend of art, music, culture, and sustainability—a transformative journey where boundaries fade, creativity thrives, and deep connections form. Our collection has been dyed with Mulberry Leaf Extract using Minority Denim's BioTint technique, a 100% organic and sustainable garment dyeing technology.


Espirro designed our collab while travelling through Asia, mainly insipired by the glittering stimuli of the neon lights in Japan sneaking up on everybody. Discover the collection in our three most iconic pieces:

+351 X GUR 

In collaboration with Célia Esteves, founder of GUR, we designed rugs in our vibrant SS'23 colors. These hand woven cotton rugs are the perfect blend between Portugal's traditional weaving heritage and some Argentine design influence.