Max - The German Designer and Carpenter who lives in a container

September 16 2020
Meet Max, the German Designer and Carpenter who had the idea of designing his own home in containers, send them to Portugal and start a new life closer to the sea. Now he lives a free lifestyle, enjoying his time connected to nature, in a sustainable ca, improving his surf and working on creative projects. Get to know him.

Frederico - Portuguese Designer and entrepreneur

August 05 2020
Meet Frederico, a Portuguese Designer and entrepreneur. At 12 years-old, Frederico moved to Barcelona for 6 months where he found his two passions, Design and Skate. Today he is the founder of a successful lifestyle brand and a co-founder of a Design studio. Get to know him.

Julien - The Parisian multi-passionate entrepreneur

August 04 2020
Meet our next door neighbour Julien, a very creative Parisian that fell in love with Lisbon. We are constantly bumping into him in the neighbourhood and wanted to know more about his projects. This is Julien. Get to know him.

Andres - The smiliest Venezuelan contemporary artist

May 07 2020
This is Andres, a talented Contemporary Artist from Venezuela and our Spring Summer Campaign model. Andres was born in Venezuela and studied Arts in the Academy of Arts in Caracas. We visited his studio where he was finishing some very expressive and colourful paintings. Get to know him.

Laura - The coolest digital marketing nomad, world traveler and surfer

April 02 2020
This is Laura, the online Marketing expert that collaborates with us here at +351. She is from Argentina, but it's best to say she’s a world citizen. Laura quit her day job to fulfil her bucket list, during that time she founded a Marketing Agency and set off to travel the world. Today she’s based in Lisbon, works remotely as a Digital Marketer and hits up the coastline whenever she can. This is Laura, get to know her.

Jorge - The Lisboeta that brought a 150 year old restaurant back to life

February 20 2020
Jorge, also known as “Jorginho” is the face you have to look at once you enter the door of “ Faz Frio”, one of the oldest and more iconic restaurants in Lisbon. Jorge is a world citizen who studied Hotel management in one of the best schools of the world, and who later lived around the world collecting knowledge and crazy experiences. Get to know him.