Ricardo Ramos aka Xicogaivota - Artist and Beach Plastic Collector

November 25 2021
Ricardo's passion for the sea, the rocks, and cliffs turned him into a professional fisherman for many years. In 2016, a walk on the beach with his children to collect materials (trash), and use them to make Christmas presents for his family, led Xicogaivoto to what it is today. Since then, Ricardo has been in many places, developing and taking part in social and ambiental projects, raising awareness about plastic pollution, and spreading his art. Get to know him.

Annette - World Citizen Natural Dyer

July 16 2021
Born and raised between Costa Rica, Portugal, and New England, Annette grew up surrounded by plants. This lifelong obsession with plants and an unexpected introduction to natural dyeing in Thailand in 2018, led Annette down an Alice in Wonderland-style rabbit hole into the world of natural dyes.  When she moved back to Portugal in 2019 foraging natural dye material connected her to the surroundings. Then in 2020 she founded Tinctorium Studio, through which she offers natural dye services, sells naturally dyed goods, and teaches natural dye workshops.  Get to know her.

Nicco - Italian Shaper and Surfer

June 15 2021
Hanging Out With Nicco, Italian Shaper and Surfer. Born and raised in Bologna, Nicco is that kind of multi-passionate person. From DJing and producing in Italy to working as a chef in a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Spain, he has even started his own eco-friendly Juice kiosk in Lisbon. Nicco found himself in many different places in the last years, but he says that the surf has always been the main connection between all those things. At a certain moment, he started Collecting old boards and dreaming to make his own, until he did it! He started a surf brand and now he shapes boards inspired in the 60s, and soon will launch a new project where some of his bigger passions come together. Get to know Nicco.

Felipe - Colombian entrepreneur and Music enthusiast

April 26 2021
Meet Felipe, a Colombian entrepreneur and Music enthusiast friend. Felipe grew up in Bogotá discovering and experiencing different music scenes in his early teens. By the age of 18 he went to the States to study, where he started working for the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Colombia. His job took him to Rome where he served as a diplomat for almost 5 years and also where he had his first ever paid DJ gig. Felipe adventured himself in a trip to Japan that led to a period of research in audio and later became one of his motivations to get started with his next project. Get to know him.

João - Portuguese Musician and our inspiring Photographer

December 03 2020
Meet João, a Portuguese Musician and our inspiring Photographer here at +351. João was born in Lisbon and grew up in the country-side of Alentejo. At the age of 6 he had his first contact with Music and Photography. Since then, he has been recording memories with his photographs, experiencing and making Music from Jazz to Electronic. Get to know him through this journey.

Luísa - Young Portuguese DJ and Designer

October 29 2020
Meet Luísa, a young Portuguese Designer and DJ. Born and raised in Lisbon, she grew up listening to Fado Music. With interest in Music and the Arts, Luísa has turned these passions into her career. Today she is a Designer at a well-known agency and has a DJ program at an online Radio. Get to know her.