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Luísa - Young Portuguese DJ and Designer

Hanging Out With Luísa,

Young Portuguese DJ and Designer.


Meet Luísa, a young Portuguese Designer and DJ. 

Luísa is a true Alfacinha, she was born and raised in Lisbon and grew up listening to Fado Music. With interest in Music and the Arts, Luísa has turned these passions into her career. Today she is a Designer at a well-known agency and has a monthly DJ program at an online Radio. 

Get to know her.

Can you tell us your story so far?

My name is Luísa, I was born and raised in Lisbon, and I love this city. I took a Design degree and I am extremely passionate about color and graphics. Music has always been a big part of my life, it helps me to focus on work and to never stand still. Ever since I was little I have experienced a lot of different genres of music. My mother was always listening to Fado at home, so it’s a genre that I keep very present.  

Four years ago I received my first vinyl record, an album and ever since then I haven’t stopped buying music. After that I took some beginner lessons in Djing with a good friend of mine and have become more and more interested in this craft. New opportunities to play started coming up so I began to focus more on Djing, playing mostly in events and clubs. Nowadays I have a monthly program at an online radio - Collect Radio - where I play lounge and dance music.

Next steps for you?

I want to grow as an artist, both as a Designer and a DJ. I want to make people dance and to share the new music I discover.

Best spot in Portugal for you?

Ericeira. Portugal is a beautiful country and has incredible landscapes and cool spots but my favorite place continues to be the small coastal village I go to ever since I was a little girl. The tranquility, humidity, the streets and the sea. It continues to be my favorite place.

What does style mean to you?

For me style means attitude and authenticity. Being myself.

Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration comes a lot from music, my friends and all of the experiences around it.

How would you describe your music and design style?

My music revolves around groove but the style I play the most is House Music. In terms of Graphic Design I like to experiment by using different textures and playing around with combinations of colors and lines.

What's the Band / Music Style / Spotify Playlist that inspires you?

It’s hard to name just one. I listen to a lot of LCD Soundsystem, ST Germain, Nina Simone, Nils Frahm. I also listen to a lot of electronic music podcasts on Soundcloud.

Any guilty pleasure worth mentioning?

Bad sitcom shows mostly on Netflix! Cheese toasts with that smelly cheese and cornichon pickles.

Photography by João Hasselberg.


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