Pedro and Yannick from Saline, the surfing experience Lisbon was longing for.

Pedro and Yannick from Saline, the surfing experience Lisbon was longing for.

Hanging Out With Pedro Mandacaru and Yannick Luca from Saline.


Saline was born out of a simple idea from the duo of bringing a high-quality, hassle-free, holistic surf experience to Lisbon - everything we were longing for. We met with Pedro to talk about inspirations, life plans and their project.

Can you tell us your story so far?

Born in Lisbon and stayed for all the good reasons. My family passed down surfing, and it has brought peace, challenges, growth, and endless joy into my life. Through all life's changes, it has remained my job, hobby, and therapy since my teens. I've had amazing surfers guide and inspire me, but the most important connection surfing brought was to myself. That's what I try to pass on when I teach, that surfing is just a fun way to connect with yourself and with nature.

Next steps for you?

The next steps are to develop new ways of sharing this mindful approach to surfing with as many people as possible. Also, my friend Yannick joined in to support this growth!

Best spot in Portugal?

A small village called São Luís on the coastline of Alentejo is just paradise.  Good surf, good food, surrounded by nature and happy people. My soon-to-be-wife and I bought a house there, and, with our baby daughter, we've been having the dreamiest days there.

What does style means to you?

Knowing who you are and wearing your personality with pride that's real style.

What motivated you to get started with Saline?
My main motivation was to create something innovative and aligned with my values. Although Lisbon is known for surfing, no one provided a seamless surf experience. I wanted to make surfing as simple, individual and accessible as possible.

What inspires you?

Devendra Banhart is an all-time favorite.

Any guilty pleasure worth mentioning?

I have a lot of pleasures but don't really feel guilty about them! Sometimes I secretly let my phone run out of battery when I need a break.

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Photography by Leesa Fleming.


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