<b> +351 -  Bordalo II  </b>

+351 - Bordalo II

Portugal by Locals

"Evilution" Solo Show - Bordalo II

The +351 team has visited the Edu Hub Lisboa and it's an experience we don't want you to miss out on! Portuguese artist Bordalo II, is known for his works created from garbage and waste materials. Big Trash Animals and Small Trash Animals are part of his creations that have gained prominence and are spread around the world.  In his new solo exhibition "Evilution" - the artist sends a warning to a society that continues to produce excess waste. The title of the exhibition is a pun on the word Evolution and brings a criticism to the march of humanity.  

Evilution has free admission and can be visited Wednesday-Sunday from 2pm-8pm, at Edu Hub Lisboa until December 11. Be sure to check it out! 

 Fore more information here: Evilution Solo Show 

 Photo source: TSF.pt and team +351

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