Michael and Tomás, founders of DA NOI restaurant in Lisbon

Michael & Tomás - Friends and Founders of DA NOI

Hanging Out With Michael & Tomás,

Friends and Founders of the restaurant DA NOI.


A beautiful brotherhood between these two friends, and the shared passion for hosting and delivering great moments, lead Michael and Tomás to frame DA NOI. After developing their career internationally and around Portugal, Lisbon was the place they chose to put down roots and finally open their ‘living room’, as they call it, a place where they can host friends, and meet new people every day. The same people who inspire them to create and continue their journey.

Get to know them.

Can you tell us your story so far?

M: My story starts in Madeira after taking a Hospitality Management Course. I realized a couple of years later that Madeira was too small for me so I had to discover Europe and the World. I have started a career working as a Sommelier in Alentejo in a Wine-tourism Hotel with a Michelin Star Awarded Restaurant and then moved to London. My experience in London was fabulous, getting to meet people from around the globe, and making great friendships. Professionally I had the pleasure of working with Chef Alain Ducasse and also at La Petite Maison before coming back to Lisbon.

T: Born and raised in Lisbon I moved to Switzerland at 19 to Study hospitality management as I always had a great passion for restaurants and hosting people. After this experience I have been traveling between Lisbon, Paris, London and Bali, some for work, some only to get inspired... In the process I have worked for a couple of great companies where I developed my skills and grew as a professional what gave me the tolls to finally together with Michael open Da Noi.

Next steps for you?

M&T: Our plan is to keep on doing what we love and host people at ours... maybe developing one or two more spots to hosts friends and meet interesting people.

Best spot in Portugal for you?

M: Best spot in Portugal is Ponta do Sol, Madeira. A beautiful village next to the Atlantic Ocean which reminds me of my origins and where I come from. The nature of Laurissilva Forest is unbelievable and a hike in Paul da Serra, Levada das 25 Fontes.

T: Best Spot in Portugal for me is Aljezur in Costa Vicentina, always coming back from some days down south super inspired. Not only by the surf and the calm you feel there but I think it is an energy that by its calmness gets me super excited and full of new ideas... I have great memories that still keep me going.

What does style mean to you?

M: Style is defined by everything we do and we create, our personality.

T: Style is a way of expression, it usually represents you as human but also how you feel.. Not just your clothes but everything you do.

Where do you find inspiration?

M: I find inspiration in absolute everything and everyone, especially in exchanges with people with different backgrounds. I am moved by simple and kind gestures that make the world better which is something urgent in recent and difficult times.

T: Friends, Traveling & Surfing.

What motivated you to get started with DA NOI?

M: Da Noi's inspiration came through a beautiful brotherhood with Tomás, we share the same passion for welcoming different people in our restaurant. Make friends and meet people who inspire us to continue our journey and pursue our dreams.

T: The love for hosting people and seeing people happy, the biggest motivation were my days off, where I used to host friends at my place with Theresa, cook and spend great moments... then I realized why doing it only once a week if I can do it everyday so I challenged Michael to take this journey with me and create a living room, as we call it. Where we can host friends and meet new ones everyday.

 What's the Band / Music Style / Music Artist that inspires you? 

M: Due to some Venezuelan vein, I acquired a love for Latin rhythms, like Salsa, Merengue and Samba. Highlights to Ruben Blades and Grupo Fundo de Quintal.  

T: As style is something that depends on your mood and represents you, so do Music, Da Noi's playlist is the best proof of it. A collection of different music and artists made by us and our friends that have inspired us during the process of creation of the project and still do.

Any guilty pleasure worth mentioning?

M: Roda de Samba on Sunday nights in Titanic Sur Mer.

T: Some but there is one that only a few of my close friends know and why not share it here... Since a young age I loved Cornflakes, bacon, fried egg and Heinz ketchup, try it or just call me crazy.

Photography by João Hasselberg.


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