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Andres - The smiliest Venezuelan contemporary artist

Hanging Out With Andres,

The smiliest Venezuelan Contemporary artist.


This is Andres, a talented Contemporary Artist from Venezuela and our Spring Summer Campaign model. Andres was born in Venezuela and studied Arts in the Academy of Arts in Caracas. He later moved abroad to pursue his career and by a happy accident, he got a collaboration in Portugal and moved to Lisbon. 

We visited his studio where he was finishing some very expressive and colourful paintings. Get to know him.

Can you tell us your story so far?
I am a visual artist from Venezuela. I began to study Graphic Design and later on, Fine Arts in the Academy of Arts in Caracas. I quickly realize I began developing my own style influenced by Op Art and Cinetism. I really enjoy it because it emerges from other contemporary artists from the past, especially in my country. After this experience I moved to Europe, Berlin, specifically due to the difficult situation in my country, nevertheless, it was very exciting. I began my professional career in Berlin, I started to work, I even ended up running a silkscreen studio. 

I did some exhibitions in Berlin and Madrid. After that, by a happy accident, I got a collaboration in Portugal then moved to Lisbon and felt in love with the city.

Next steps for you?
I want to develop more partnerships with Architects and the construction of things, actually, I am already working on a new project for a new Hotel developing my artworks in collaboration with the architects. So, definitely I want to be more involved in Architecture and Design.

My next steps in life are to continue to live in Lisbon because I am still pretty new to the scene, this is an amazing country and I really like the vibe here so, I would really like to continue developing my artworks in Lisbon and be more recognised in the country for sure. This is how I see my future.

Best spot in Portugal for you?

I’ll be honest I haven’t discovered a lot of spots in Portugal, I have been living here for a year so, I can say that the best spots I know are the ones my friends show me. Some of my favourite places are Praia do Guincho, Praia da Ursa and Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo in Sesimbra is one of the most beautiful spots I’ve seen in Portugal. I also like the forests of Monsanto and Sintra. I am still pretty new so, I haven’t explored other areas of the country like Porto or other places but for sure the mentions above are the best spots, Portugal has too many beautiful places to mention.

What is your favourite Art Gallery or Museum in Portugal?

For Art galleries I really enjoy Foco Gallery, in Principe Real, I think they have really good contemporary artists and new and up-and-coming talent, so I really like their shows and exhibits. For the favourite museum in Portugal for sure Maat! Maat is incredible it has really crazy Architecture and I love their focus on both Architecture and Art. 

What does style means to you?

I don’t know how to explain it actually, but I think style is what makes you unique. 

For me for example, I like Punk-Rock kind of Art, also Opt Art, Impressionism and Cinetism. I just mix what I like and put it in a box and this makes my own style, so for me is just a little bit of everything, combining your influences with what you like.

Who’s your life reference? 

I have a lot of references, a lot of former influences. I would say my dad for sure is one of my biggest influences, he is a very Rock and Roll kind of guy, always very cool. But if we are talking about Art, a lot comes to my mind. My biggest references would be, Sigmund Freud, Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger as well. Also, artists like Jesús Rafael Soto, Carlos Cruz-Díez, have been huge influences in my life, they make me hope to extend the legacy that they left, and I believe that to be my mission right now.

What’s the Band / Music Style / Spotify playlist that inspires you?

Music for me is very important, especially while developing my artworks for sure. I really enjoy Punk Rock music but also Reggae, I really like Techno as well and Latin-American music. Some bands that embrace all these genres at once would be Bad Brains for sure, Devendra Banhart, and also The Mars Volta another band I really enjoy. Brazilians like Caetano Veloso, for example, his an amazing artist, all of the music he has developed over time, is truly incredible.

Any guilty pleasure worth mentioning?

(laughs) My guilty pleasure is putting out loud Reggaeton music and dance!

Photography by João Hasselberg.

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