Meet Lindy from Rhodo Bagels

Meet Lindy from Rhodo Bagels

Lindy left the USA to travel and ended up falling in love with Lisbon. Longing for good bagels, she decided to create her own recipe. The hobby turned into a business, and she has been serving the best bagels in the city ever since, right across from our Cais do Sodré store.

Can you tell us your story and why you started Rhodo?

After a few years working in fashion in NYC and Boston, I craved meeting new people and getting to know different cultures. I moved around South East Asia for a couple of years before falling in love with Lisbon. After a few years of living here, I still felt like I didn’t quite belong but I also knew that I didn’t belong in the US either. I started Rhodo out of love and passion for baking but also because it helped me to connect with the community of Lisbon and with my people back home. I like to call it the collision of my given and chosen homes.

What are your favorite spots in Portugal?

Truthfully, nothing beats Lisbon for me. Even when working seven days a week, I feel like I’m on vacation simply because of how much I love this city.

What are your favorite spots in Portugal?

Any next steps?

Always! Developing new ideas is half the fun!

What does style mean to you?

Style is a creative outlet to express yourself. As an introvert, I’ve always loved how clothes could silently embody my mood or essence and do the communicating for me. When I started Rhodo, I had a moment when I wondered if I should dress more professionally in the kitchen. If I wouldn’t be taken seriously as I am. And the fact that this even entered my mind pissed me off! Embracing hyper femininity, not hiding my body, wearing sparkly clothes, bows, short skirts, whatever…, doesn’t make me any less capable or any less of a boss. I started feeling empowered rather than apologetic. It was very freeing!

What band or artist inspires you?

Style-wise, David bowie, absolutely.

As fellow Cais do Sodré neighbours, what do you think of changes the street is undergoing?

I feel so grateful to be here amongst many incredible businesses—whether it’s art, food, or fashion. Seeing their artistry succeed inspires me and makes me feel free to express myself creatively and put myself out there.

Photography by João Hasselberg.