<b> Nicco - Italian Shaper and Surfer </b>

Nicco - Italian Shaper and Surfer

Hanging Out With Nicco,

Italian Shaper and Surfer.


Born and raised in Bologna, Nicco is that kind of multi-passionate person. From DJing and producing in Italy to working as a chef in a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Spain, he has even started his own eco-friendly Juice kiosk in Lisbon. Nicco found himself in many different places in the last years, but he says that the surf has always been the main connection between all those things. At a certain moment, he started Collecting old boards and dreaming to make his own, until he did it! He started a surf brand and now he shapes boards inspired in the 60s, and soon will launch a new project where some of his bigger passions come together.

Get to know Nicco. 

Can you tell us your story so far?

A scientific theory tells us that cells in the human body replace themselves every 7 years. For the last 7 years of my life I have found myself in many different dreams. First I was DJing and producing some weird electronic music in Italy. I had privilege to play in the same night as Martinez Brothers, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Satoshi Tomiie, DJ Ralf, and Alex Picone - some Italian underground names I admire. After that I was running a fresh pasta quiosque in Sydney where I was also surfing a lot in my spare time. The passion for cooking only grew at that time and I ended up working as a chef in a 3 Michelin start restaurant in Spain. From there I started my company Veggie Wave... thinking I could change the world with a sustainable initiative. For the latter part, I was working in a real estate investment fund and started a surf brand building handmade single fins. The main connection line between all those things, has always been surfing.   Today all these passion are coming together in one clear project, in Lisbon. 

Next steps for you?

The Aimara Collective, in Lisbon.  Where F&B, Arts & entertainment, Holistic Wellness and Classic Vintage Surf come together.  

Best spot in Portugal for you?

South wind - Peniche 

North wind - Caparica/ Ericeira / Lisbon when massive 

East wind - lonely paradise surf

What does style mean to you?

style to me means to be authentic, true... with what you have, on you and around you. Being on your purest form, whatever it is.

Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration is in 50s & 60s, but I'm sure if I was born at that time I would probably regret I wasn't there in the 20s. Quite a nostalgic.

What motivated you to get started with Aimara?

Collecting old, chunky single fin boards and dreaming to make my own, until I met RyanLovelace.  To me he's the master shaper/designer/craftman that you can find today. During a road trip in California, I had the chance to spend an afternoon with him in his shaping bay. He made me believe that I had the skill to do my own boards, gave me so many advices. Lighted my dream. 

What's the Band / Music Style / Music Artist that inspires you?

Caetano Veloso ( album transa ) 

Any guilty pleasure worth mentioning?

Collecting too many old objects.

Photography by João Hasselberg.


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