+351 -  The best bitoques in Lisbon

+351 - The best bitoques in Lisbon

The best bitoques in Lisbon

You have to add these to your favorites. 

A Portuguese dish, very simple where the secret lies on the way you cook the steak and the sauce  A traditional Portuguese bitoque always has a good steak in the center, accompanied by a stack of fries, a portion of rice and a fried egg. The old school ones also come with pickles in 3 colors, a piece of white cauliflower, a green cornichon and a slice of carrot. Not healthy, just delicious. We invited our team member Monica Valente to share her favorite restaurants.

"If you ask me the top 3 in Lisbon, none of them in a fancy restaurant, all typical and very traditional places where the best secrets are kept. These are my favorites. " 

We hope you enjoy!

Jorge D'Amália -


Address: Calçada da Memória 20, 1300-396, Lisboa.

Jorge is behind the counter and Amália or Maria João are in the kitchen. Always friendly and ready to talk about all the current affairs. A homely space where the "bitoque" is king. Here the secret is to prepare everything directly on the metal plate where it's served. The fries are always homemade, never frozen, which makes the dish incredible. A cafe that is also a restaurant (in true Portuguese style), located in an emblematic neighborhood of Ajuda where the decoration reflects the owner’s favorite soccer club: Belenenses!

Das Flores  

Address: Rua das Flores 76 78, 1200-195, Lisboa.

I discovered this restaurant a few years ago, and since the first time I became a fan of their bitoque. Every time I go there I tell myself I will resist the urge to get one and eat something else… but I always fail to follow through. 

Tip: The establishment is tiny and you have to make a reservation!

Café Império

Address: Av. Alm. Reis 205 A, Lisboa

In all honesty it’s not actually a bitoque, it's a sirloin steak. But either way it couldn't be left out of the list!!! The secret is in the sauce; a secret recipe with a slight coffee flavor that makes for a truly irresistible dish. The space is large and grand, open since 1955 is one of Lisbon’s most iconic restaurants.

Now that you've gotten an inside look into some of our favorite bitoques come try them for yourself! 

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