+351 -  Words by Vasco Mónica

+351 - Words by Vasco Mónica

Portugal by Locals

Words by Vasco Mónica 

Our first contact with the sea often comes through the people closest to us and this is exactly what happened to Vasco Mónica, our third guest on Portugal by Locals. From a very young age he remembers going down to the beach and watching his father surf. As time went on he created his own relationship with the sea and started to enjoy surfing more and more. Nowadays he is exploring not only surfing, but all sports that are related to the sea. However, deep down what he really enjoys is spending time on the beach with his loved ones as it truly is in this environment that he feels at home. Read more about his story.

What is your connection to the sea? 

I started surfing at a very young age because my father was a surfer and always took me to the beach with him ever since I was 1 /2 years old. I remember staying on the sand and playing and after a while I started to naturally build my own relationship with the sea. At the beginning it was very much for my father, but I never felt any pressure. I started with a bodyboard, then I moved on to a surfboard and that's how my independence came about. I started to really enjoy it and became "addicted". Then I spent a few years competing and as of late I've been exploring not only surfing, but all sports and everything related to the sea; from spearfishing, diving, walking on rocks, making campfires on the beach, going camping. So deep down I really enjoy spending time at the beach with my friends and being in this environment honestly does me well.   

At the moment I am taking a pilot training course, but I also love cooking, painting, drawing and creating as I feel inspired in the moment, or when I see something that peaks my interest. I like to explore this universe without big patterns or objectivity, it's just for pleasure and no doubt Andy's (Vasco's puppy) arrival in my life was a good source of inspiration. Since he arrived I have become much more creative with my art. 

And of course, living in Lisbon also ends up being a source of inspiration to me due to the city being such a hot spot nowadays. There are so many things happening at the same time, from bars to music and everything in between, it ties together a great combination of my interests. As I was born in Alentejo and have my essence focused in nature and calmness, to be able to the add the sea and surfing to my being and to live out the best these two worlds have to offer is truly like finding the perfect balance.

Photos by: Carlos Pinto

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