+351 -  Words by Francisca Sousa

+351 - Words by Francisca Sousa

Portugal by Locals

Words by Francisca Sousa

Being in the sea is a form of therapy, meditation and an opportunity to be 100% present in the moment. In this edition of Portugal By Locals you will meet Francisca Sousa, a film director, who told us that her first contact with the sea was in her childhood and from then on her relationship with water has had many meanings. Chica is a close partner of +351 and directed the AW'22 video. You can watch it on our social networks. 

What is your connection to the sea? 

 My relationship with the sea above all is one of immense respect, because the sea is not just the sea, but instead part of a whole ocean. For me it is an immensity, it brings a feeling of greatness, freedom and wildness. The sea is a natural element that is fickle and very unpredictable. Furthermore, my connection with the water is very strong because I grew up near the sea, in Costa da Caparica. Just having the water at my feet, the sound of the waves, the smell and the breeze brings comfort to me as it has always been present in my life, so when I am far from the sea I feel as if there is something missing, sometimes this feeling can be compensated by a lake or a river. Above all, my relationship with water and movement stems from my childhood. Whenever I was in a bad mood my mother would tell me to go surfing or to at least go see the sea and to get my feet and face wet, it was truly the strongest form of therapy to feel the sea around me. My sports connection to the sea is surfing, it is my sport of choice. I am not able to stop myself from surfing when there are great waves to be had, this adds another layer to my complex relationship with the sea on a personal, physical and spiritual level. Being in the sea is therapeutic, it is my safe place and where I can go to forget about everything else and just be in the moment.

Photos by: Carlos Pinto

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