<b> Beaches - by our Founder and Creative Director Ana Penha e Costa </b>

Beaches - by our Founder and Creative Director Ana Penha e Costa

Portugal by Locals

Meet the beloved beaches of our Founder and Creative Director Ana Penha e Costa.


Portugal by Locals is a series of publications where we talk to real locals to know more about their home country's favourite spots. In its first edition, we talked to our Founder and Creative Director Ana Penha e Costa and discovered her beach choices and best-kept secrets to surf and chill in Portugal.

We asked Ana what are her favourite beaches and if she could tell us why each one of them is so special to her. Read the full article to meet all these places through Ana's eyes.

Guincho and Crismina

"One of my favourite beaches in PT is undoubtedly Guincho Beach, where I started surfing and where my family has a home. The beach is beautiful, you can see the Sintra Mountain in the background, and because it is so exposed to the wind, it has many "Nortadas" that makes it better for windsurfing than for surfing. Off-shore days at Guincho are rare so those who are local enjoy them in a special way.

Nowadays I do little surfing at Guincho due to the crowd, so I always end up surfing at Crismina which is a bit further to the south.


Costa Vicentina

I'm a fan of Costa Vicentina! Ponta Ruiva, Cordoama, Castelejo, Amado are my favourite beaches there. This coast is very special because it is really wild, has much fewer people than in the centre, has beautiful landscapes and cliffs, its smell of nature in the air, the stars at night where you can see the milky way, and also because it is rare not having good waves with so many options.

Praia do Amado


It's always good to go to Coxos once in a while because I easily find familiar faces in the water, people who have followed my evolution in the competition times, and it's so good to remember those times! Needless to say, it is the best right in Portugal.

I have enjoyed some sessions in Ribeira de Ilhas with my Twin fin, despite the thousands of surfers from all over the world who are in the water, it is always worth catching such perfect and long waves.


Costa da Caparica

For Costa da Caparica I've always had love/hate because who is local in Guincho does not surf in Costa. But now that I live in Lisbon I love to go to São João, there I catch several sessions with triangular peaks, familiar faces in the water, and good vibes. Always very fun!

São João

Praia Grande

Praia Grande is where I spent many summers. When the wind rises in Guincho, it is the closest option that has the microclimate effect which does not make the "Nortadas" spoil surfing days on this beach. I've had sessions surfing against the pebble on the left side that we surfers call "the left of the dead", epic! The rock is unique, it looks like a natural sculpture and the waves have a lot of power. The crowd is very easy :) and I am always welcome."

Praia Grande

Now that you have discovered all these spots, hurry up to enjoy the last days of this Summer season!


Photography by Ana Penha e Costa

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