<b> +351 -  Neighbourhood Guide </b>

+351 - Neighbourhood Guide

Portugal by Locals

Discover the best Cafés in our neighbourhood. 

Our stores are in well-known places in Lisbon and we thought it appropriate to create a guide and share with you our favorite spots in the neighborhood, all within a 5-minute walk of the Cais do Sodré store. Today, we welcome you to Neighbourhood Café Lisbon, Food Mercearia Biológica and Ceres Boulangerie. 

We invited our team member Clarice to share in this special morning with us. We hope you enjoy!

Neighbourhood Café Lisbon -


Address: Largo do Conde Barão 25, 1200-163  

We are ones to talk but everyone at +351 loves this Aussie Cafe. Come here for breakfast or Smash Burgers after 5 p.m and bring your appetite. If you are a fan of coffee you are in the right place, because they are experts. They just have one catch: no Laptops, please! Relax and enjoy the experience.

Food Merceria Biológica - 


Address: Largo do Conde Barão, 15C, 1200-118

The +351 team comes here at least once a week to buy organic cookies and honey waffles. Here you can find a variety of 100% organic products. If you are in a hurry there are snacks, yogurts, cake slices and quiches that are perfect to take on the go, but if there is no rush feel free to sit down and enjoy the items on the menu. There is even a section dedicated to organic wines that serve as the ultimate gift!. 

Ceres Boulangerie - 


Address: Rua de São Bento, 78, 1200-109 

Our founder Ana Penha e Costa found this quaint little café and we all fell in love with their brownies and petit gateau, which to be honest we are still not sure how its made but it's so amazing it is borderline magical! Visiting is a must!

Now that you've gotten an inside look into some of our favorite cafés come try them for yourself! 

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